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Product Name:MSKC
Product Code:MSKC SERIES
Product description:


  • Sealless mag drive technology - eliminates costly seal problems
  • Multi-Stage design : Generates increased head at low flow rates, low power consumption, wide hydraulic envelope allows for mix and match impeller sizes
  • Small footprint - avoids large impeller diameters
  • Unique interconnecting drive shaft - transmits torque from magnetic coupling to first stage impeller
  • Independent thrust bearings at each stage for maximum reliability
  • Polypropylene or PVDF construction
  • Accepts standard NEMA 56C or IEC 71/B14, 90/B14 frame motors
  • Hydrotested to 120 psi - maximum working pressure 90 psi
  • Maximum temperatures : 180°F (82°C) - Polypropylene/220°F (104°C) - PVDF
  • Maximum flow 60 gpm (12.8 m³/hr),maximum head 100ft.(21.3m)

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