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Condensate Removal

Automatic pumping action to remove condensation from air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

  • In-pan pumping units for shallow pan use.
  • Most popular VCM and VCC series - self - contained pumping station.
  • Large VCL series for high head and high flow applications for industrial / commercial removal systems.

Coil Cleaning

A fast, inexpensive system for "boiling out" coils. The Little Fiant Coil Cleaning Kit is ideal for compressor burnouts when and where ordinary flush-outs cannot remove the glue-like residue. Use coil cleaning compounds compatible with materials of construction of the pump. Used with coil cleaning acids. Kit includes 5 gal. polyethylene tank, cover, baffle, 2-MD-SC (Special Version : #580523) magnet-driven pump with mounting bracket, 18" of ½" Tygon® tubing, and 10' of ½" ID vinyl tubing.
Evaporative Cooler

The Little Giant line of non-submersible Evaporative Cooler pumps are designed to give years of trouble-free service in recirculating applications as replacement units for original equipment. For use in evaporative coolers, displays, laboratories, water transfer and other applications.

FEATURES : Except where noted, all Evaporative Cooler pumps feature a corrosion-
                   resistant steel, one piece motor shaft, heavy duty, fan cooled motor with
                   moisture-proof windings and over-size sleeve bearings, snap-out base for
                   easy cleaning, snap-on hose adapters and large oil reservoir.

Ice Machine

Designed specifically to meet manufacturer's specifications, Little Giant Ice Machine Replacement pumps are engineered for reliable, trouble-free use as OEM replacement units.

FEATURES : Except where noted, all pumps feature a low pick up, screened intake,
                   removable parts for easy cleaning, Noryl® base and impeller, stainless
                   steel shaft, sleeve bearing motor, mounting bracket for specific manufacturer
                   manufacturer applications, and are Thermally protected.

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